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How can I become a good surgen?

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3 answers

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Rachel’s Answer

Marisol, my recommendation is to study like crazy for all of the years leading up to medical school and surgical residency. When you start your residency, you will require: Endurance (the hours can be very long), Organization, Attention to detail, Technical skills for suturing and knot tying.

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David’s Answer

Marisol, the best surgeons, that I ever have seen, started out as basic Emergency Medical Technicians. See if you can find episodes of: Trauma Life in the ER, it used to be on the learning channel. Now, I think it’s aired on other channels. One surgeon on there, was a mechanic, for eight years. That’s the basic idea of surgery. It also requires a lot of sutures. Are you good with a needle and thread? Can you spend several hours on your feet?

My personal favorite surgeon, was: Norman McSwain MD. Go to Amazon, there should be a book about the operating room. You can look for books, about this topic, written by any surgeon.

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Estelle’s Answer

Practice, practice, practice. When you choose your field of expertise, you will spend thousands of hours practicing your craft.