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Any tips on job application/résumé?

I'm want to get into Physiotherapy (massage therapy). What should I be putting on my application? Any resources in Minnesota when looking for this work?
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1 answer

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Tom’s Answer

Hello Gountante. I took a course in writing a resume some time back. Here are a few lessons that apply to writing a resume for virtually any type of job.

  1. List your skills first on your resume. What are you good at? Employers are primarily looking to hire people because of their skills and experience, not just their formal education. So put the skills first.
  2. Use what are called 'power verbs'. Some examples: managed, directed, led, created, delivered, produced, supervised, administered.....things that show you have accepted levels of responsibility and met the objectives assigned. It is amazing to see a resume 'come alive' when you use power verbs.
  3. Really read the written requirements of the job and tweak your resume accordingly. Try to define your skills and experience as closely to the job requirements as is legitimate.

And a final personal experience. If you are applying to a job, apply twice! Send in your resume by mail or electronically and then do it again the next day. Here's why. I sent in a resume once for a job and the resume got lost. So now I apply twice, and if possible I try to find a name of a different, but appropriate individual at the company and send it to them.

Good luck my friend.