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How can I become a professional Soccer player?

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4 answers

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Jorge’s Answer

Hi Alejandro,

I used to play pro in Mexico and I suppose that the process can be a little different.
Here you can start playing in a FC at any age since studying is not a requirement. But I would say that the steps to overcome and get where you want are pretty similar...
The best advice I can give you is to become an athlete. Nowadays it is not enough to be good at something if you don't make the best of it, so you must train hard 6/7 to excel. Work on you technique, take care of your body, have a healthy life... go big for it so you don´t have regrets later.
Also, something that helped me a lot was how motivated I always was. I was always giving my all, every training every minute of the match. That helped me a lot to become better every day and also had a great impact in my teammates. I'm sure that if you work hard and if you show great results, you can get wherever you want.
Always remember to be a team player and try to improve your leadership skills. Be nice to everyone and let your game speak for you. You don't have to demonstrate anything to anyone but yourself. Be punctual, get habits that could help you develop your career and set realistic objectives.
Make your relationship with coaches something special, make yourself unforgettable for them... If they like your game, they will speak great about you and someday could help you grow your career.

Hope this helps.

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Jordan’s Answer

Like they always say, Try your best! You are most likely very good at it so just keep doing what your doing!

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Simeon’s Answer

Aside from the obvious need to practice and be excellent at the actual soccer skills themselves, you'll want to seek out teams and coaches that will take your soccer development seriously. It usually isn't enough to get this kind of assistance being a part of the school team. You'd need to be on private clubs and teams that will give you the chance to experience intense competition, even during the off-season. To be even more hard-core about improving, you could have someone take video of you playing competitive soccer. Make sure not to have it zoom in on you too hard; you'll want to have an idea of how the players around you are positioning. Review the video with someone who knows soccer and ask for honest feedback. Being good at soccer is more than just shooting and ball control. You'll have to understand how to read the flow of players on the field and see weaknesses in both teams in time to deal with them. Resist the urge to blame your mistakes on others. Lastly, don't forget to analyze your decisions when the ball is nowhere near you.

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Io Man’s Answer

First of all, to become a professional athlete requires self-discipline.
Understand the amount of training required to become a professional athlete.
Football is a team sport and requires teamwork, because this is not a one-person game. Teamwork Teamwork Teamwork!!!
Don't forget your original intention.
Make yourself to be a team leader or an important position.

Never give up even you are not tall or strong. Try to highlight your characteristics.