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what do i major in college for sports?

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4 answers

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Paul’s Answer

Hi Da'Sean:

There are a variety of different majors, which can provide you with a pathway into sports. This can include an emphasis in natural sciences, and ones in the social sciences. Some of these majors include the following:

* Physical Education
* Health Education
* Sports Science
* Athletic Training
*Physical Therapy
* Sports Communications
* Sports Management
* Sports Administration
* Parks and Recreation
* Leisure Management
* Sports Medicine

As you can see there are a variety of majors to choose from. I hope this has been helpful in assisting you in achieving your goals.

Paul recommends the following next steps:

Review the various majors in the area of sports
Check the majors in your college of choice to see what is available
See an academic advisor and establish an educational plan for your major
Check the college employment center, to see what jobs are available in sports and which majors are required
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Abimbola’s Answer

Hello Da’Sean B,
There are several course you can take if your interest is in sports.
Physical education
Sport Management
Sport Education
And a host of others are courses you can venture into.
Now it depends on the aspects of sport you want to explore.
But those courses will definitely be your basis.
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John’s Answer

Sports and Fitness Administration Major: Of all the sports degrees, this one requires the most organizational skills. Sports administrators organize both large-scale sporting events and smaller things like athletic clubs.

Physical Education Teaching and Coaching Major: These sports degrees will be located within colleges of education. ...

Professional Golf Management Major: The professional golf management major combines sports with business concepts. Golf management majors will learn how to manage golf courses, facilities and related organizations.

Parks and Recreation Major: Parks and recreation majors learn how to create and run programs at community parks, city organizations, national monuments and more.

Leisure Facilities Management Major. : Leisure facilities managers maintain public parks, pools and community centers. However, their job includes much more than making sure there’s enough chlorine in the pool.
Thank you comment icon Hi John, do you happen to have a link you could provide to where you found this info? It looks like it could possibly be from another web page. Thanks for posting your answer! Alexandra Carpenter, Admin
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Brad’s Answer

Hi Da'Sean,

There are a lot of paths to take when considering a career in sports. I majored in sports management which broadly offered courses in a variety of areas pertaining to sports like Event Management, Facilities Management, Sports Law, Business of Sport and much more. Depending on what your school offers and your interests you may be able to narrow the path into something more specific. For example Journalism might be a major to consider if you're interested in sports journalism. Communications might be a major if you're interested in the media side of sports. Sports Medicine may be a path as well. Even Business or Law are paths that can open doors into the sports world. Best of luck!