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Will this help me become an engineer one day?

I am a 10th grader and I play basketball and I box. #sports #athletics

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5 answers

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Rahul’s Answer

Hey Ilyaas, I am very sure that the skills that you developing by playing these sports can be applied to your career path as engineering. Some of the key characteristics that I can see in common between athletes
and engineers are:
-Logical Thinking and Reasoning: A great engineer needs to be able to comprehend complex arrangements, how they work, how problems arise and how to fix them.
-Communication Skills: Like basketball, communication plays a key role in engineering as well. You should be able to communicate complex problems and solutions into a language that is easy to understand with your clients or teammates.
-Creativity and Innovation: A competent engineer is always creative enough to think outside of the box and device ways and means to improve existing systems and innovate new ones.
-Team Player: It goes without saying; you can go further when you work together. Same as sports right?
-Constant Learner: And finally having the willingness to learn and improve yourself will help you become a better athlete as well as an engineer.

Along with these complimentary skills, a good engineer should also develop Problem Solving Skills and focus on their Technical Knowledge as well.

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Lewis’s Answer

The best thing is that you're doing things outside of your normal studies while gaining skills you weren't aware of. Boxing and basketball give you the opportunity to work independently (boxing), as well as with a team (basketball). I think both skills apply to the field you're interested in pursuing, as well as most career paths, as you likely have moments where you need to work alone and others where you'll have to work with others. It gives you personality-based skills to build off of, as people often have trouble doing one or the other.

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Anthony’s Answer

Hello Ilyaas, I am happy to help answer your question.

The skills and characteristics you are learning as a participant in these sports will be very valuable throughout your career. Companies love to higher former athletes because they are always well-skilled in the arts of teamwork, dedication, hardwork, and communication. These are intangibles that relate to all careers.

In terms of the specific skills needed to become a successful engineer, you will need to make sure you pursue to correct college degree. Look at attending schools that are well-known for their engineering programs. NC State and Georgia Tech on the East Coast are two that I know have very solid programs that set their students up for success. As you enter your senior year, make sure you research some of these schools and then make sure your test scores and grades meet their admittance requirements.

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Quenten’s Answer

Hello Ilyaas,

Playing sports can help you become an engineer in various ways!

Basketball on boxing use unique physics to execute athlete movement.

This can all be define using math and science, the tools engineers use to explain their work.

As well, these sports can give you a mental break from the work needed to obtain the education requirements to be an engineer.

Continue your progress and stay focused!

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David’s Answer

This question goes back to you if engineer is what you want to do. Why you choose Engineering instead of other major like medical, computer science, education, sport and medicine, criminal justice and more. That is a starting question and then you have to ask yourself what is your passion, dedication, and determination for, after that you will start following and exploring it to see if that is what you want to do or follow. You can start by doing some research, asking someone in the profession what they do and learn more about the field they are in, doing some course work and then internship. It is good to start early to think about what you want to do or what profession you want to be in while you are still in high school, once you are in college it is a bit late to look back but not too late just you will use up more time then pre-plan before hand. So try talking to people first and then take one step at a time to see what profession you fits in.