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Jorge García de León

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Financial Services
Mexico City, Mexico
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Oscar’s Avatar
Oscar Nov 30, 2021 281 views

I want to be a businees men

#soccer #athletics #football #sports #sports-agent

Allan’s Avatar
Allan Sep 28, 2021 519 views

How hard was it to get a job as a sports agent?

#sports #sports-agent #career #sports-management #soccer

Alejandro’s Avatar
Alejandro Apr 17, 2019 646 views

How can I become a professional Soccer player?

#athletics #sports

Levy’s Avatar
Levy Mar 04, 2021 437 views

How to be a real soccer player

#soccer how to become a professional soccer player

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin May 17, 2016 1934 views

I want to be a soccer player. How did you become a professional soccer player?

I am really good at playing soccer and think I can go pro. What steps did you take to become a professional soccer player, and what advice do you have for me? #soccer #athlete

diabe’s Avatar
diabe Nov 13, 2020 374 views

who get paid the most in the soccer clubs

#baseball #athletics #soccer #athlete

David’s Avatar
David Oct 30, 2020 255 views

What is the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist?

#psychiatrists #psychologist

Jose’s Avatar
Jose Oct 30, 2020 385 views

If your internship position doesn’t line up with your current career pursuits or understanding of the industry that you are pursuing. What risk are there if you can’t find motivation to focus and learn from these situations?

#internships #career #technology #computer

ronldo’s Avatar
ronldo Oct 27, 2020 283 views

Was it easy being in the position you are right now or did you have to work hard for it?

Hello, I am a student from Whitmore lake Middle and Highschool. I am doing an assignment where I search up jobs I like and ask questions. #FamilyMedicinePhysician #business #student

Kari’s Avatar
Kari Oct 27, 2020 482 views

On your team, how do your colleagues show initiative in the virtual workplace?

#technology #business-management #virtual