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I want to be a businees men

Hi, Oscar! Could you edit your question to add some more details? It looks like you are either interested in a career in business, sports, or some combination? Alexandra Carpenter, Admin
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2 answers

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Zahid’s Answer

Your question is not clear as to what you want. Your main question states you want to be a businessman and yet your hashtags indicate interest in sports. Perhaps you are interest in both and are interested in combining both of them?

A Businessman is a person who owns and manages a business. Businessmen also have the opportunity to make more money than most other types of jobs out there! This blog post will talk about what it takes to be a Businessman, the risks that come with this type of job, and much more!
Who is a Businessman?

A Businessman is someone who works in the business world.
A successful businessman has many qualities.
But they are focused on being productive and generating profit from their endeavors.
It is through running a company or investing capital into other people’s businesses.
Besides this, there must also exist ambition which leads one towards success.
Leadership skills such as managing employees.
So that everyone does well enough without overworking themselves.
While maintaining morale at all times by setting goals for each department. Leading upfront rather than waiting till later stages.

Now that we know what a businessman is and what he does. Perhaps you would like to look into sports management?

Over the past 30 years, there has been a significant amount of growth in sports management education programs. From undergraduate and master's-level courses to MBAs with a sports management concentration, they are continuing to gain ground in colleges and universities. If this something that interests you then check out the link below:

Sports Industry 101: Breaking Into The Business Of Sports
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Rebecca’s Answer

Hi, do you want to become a business men / entrepreneur? Or, you would like to becomes an soccer athletes?
Let me try to answer your question. I would assume you would like to start on sport related business.
1. You may identify what business you would to run, e.g. a soccer school, produce sport related products, etc.
2. I would suggest you could take your major in business with minor in sports , e.g. sports management, sports science, etc. in the college It is subject to what business you would like to run.
3. You can look for part time or intern opportunities while you are in the college
4. After you graduation, you can start working in the relevant industry to understand the business model and process and also save the monies for your startup funding
5. Start your own business in small scale or online first if possible
Hope this helps! Good Luck!