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Career Options for Mechanical Engineering


I am a high school senior, and I know Majoring in Mechanical Engineering is a large field and stems off at many branches. However, I have not known off career titles that don't end in "engineer" stemming off from this major. My question is are there any careers like that? and if so, are there any requirement that may seem unexpected for someone entering the math and science field?
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2 answers

Shuvom’s Answer

Updated Clermont, Florida

In the Boston metro area, where I work, as in Silicon Valley, there are a huge number of start up companies in the medical, alternative energy or consumer product fields (most start-ups in the world, actually). All those companies will need one or many mechanical engineers to take their product from idea to a real thing in production. You may have a title of "product manager" or something else, but you will be doing a lot of engineering.

The unexpected requirements are to be multi-disciplinary. Most college classes and majors try to force you into a narrow focus, but there is no problem in the real world that only needs "Electrical engineering" or "Mathematics" for example to solve.

If you are the mechanical engineer designing a medical product, you need to know something about how the human body works as well. You need to know about injection molding and manufacturing processes. You need to know about marketing to design a product that will sell. You need too know how to manage costs and aesthetics to make an elegant, affordable product on time. On top of all your ME skills. You get these skills from the projects you do outside of class, as a senior capstone project or when you're skipping the boring lectures in college.

cathy’s Answer

I think it's no matter you do but it's matter you want. it's many possibilities for every one, you should deep dive on your technique, open mind for everything, drive for change, then opportunity will be there for you.