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What can I major in, in business? What kind of careers can I go into with a business major?

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I'm asking because I want to go into this field for my career #business #majors #entrepreneur #mba

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Alejandro’s Answer


The possibilities here are endless, you can go in to traditional areas like marketing and finance, or find universities that provide very specific majors like sports management. You need to find an area you really like and then explore that option deeper. About the careers, is just as broad as with the major, and in many cases you will begin working in areas not 100% related to your major but more general, it depends in many factors but in the end the best is to have an open mind and find an area you are passionate about. if you like IT management i can give you broader perspective. Thanks

Gary Stephen’s Answer


Hi, You have a good answer above, I will add that business is a great field to be in ... there are hundreds of choices in careers and jobs in the business area. When you take business classes in high school and/or college, you will see all the different career and operational areas like sales, accounting, human resources, operations, manufacturing, supply chain management, etc. This will help you narrow down your interest and do some more research...good luck!

Ken’s Answer


Hi Aleria!

Here are some sites that you might want to read before considering to get an MBA:




Keep me informed. I would like to follow your progress!

Elizabeth’s Answer


My personal journey in business wasn't a clear path but I think it goes to show the diversity of options available. I majored in Economics and had a minor in business. This got me into management consulting after college, which led me on a career to Business Operations and later Product Management. In all three of these roles, I've seen people with various backgrounds, from science, to psychology, but primarily my peers come from business schools/MBA backgrounds. While there are more specialized business careers, like finance, that may require a specific path to be followed, much of "business" in general is very broad and the internships and extracurriculars you are able to be involved in during college can help get you started on a career path in business, just as much as a major can.