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How can i be a transport company owner?

How can i be a transport company owner? What subject i should choose in college? #business #college-majors

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If you want to own a company (any company), that probably means you will be an entrepreneur, to start (and own) your own company. Being an entrepreneur is about paving your own path. That means it matters less what exactly you major in in college, and much more about what your skills and preferences are.

The Wall Street Journal did an article on what it takes. Can you answer yes to these 10 questions? Perhaps you can't answer yes today, but throughout high and college, if you want to own your own company, you should work to develop these skills, in your class, in your extracurricular activities. Many even try starting your own business (you don't have to wait until you're "grown up" to start)!

  1. Are you willing and able to to take on great financial risk? In other words, do you have money and are you willing to lose it?
  2. Are you willing to sacrifice your lifestyle for potentially many years? In other words, are you willing to work really really hard, on weekends, from early morning until late at night, not take vacations
  3. Is your significant other on board? Probably not applicable to you now, but if you get married or in a serious relationship, is your wife or husband going to support you?
  4. Do you like all aspects of running a business? In an early business, the owner does everything from billing customers to hiring employees to writing marketing materials, do you like doing all these things?
  5. Are you comfortable making decisions, often without a lot of information?
  6. What's your track record of executing your ideas? In other words, when you have an idea, are you good at getting it done, overcoming challenges?
  7. How persuasive and well-spoken are you? Nearly every step of the way, entrepreneurship relies on selling. So, if you want to own a company, you need to convince the bank to lend you money. In order to make money, you have to convince your customers to hire you or buy your product. In order for you as an owner to run the business well, you need to convince your employees to work hard for you
  8. Do you have a concept you're passionate about? Is transport what you're excited about? If you owned a transport business, would you wake up in the morning excited to go to work?
  9. Are you a self-starter? In other words, are you good are overcoming obstacles and challenges?
  10. Do you have a business partner? If you don't have all the needed skills, it sometime make more sense to partner with other people. Are they people you trust and you can work well with?
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To the transportation part of the question, it depends on what you want to transport and how you want to transport that thing.

WHAT: Do you want to transport people or objects (this is everything we use in our lives, everything we have is transported from somewhere)?

HOW: How do you want to transport? By air (planes), by railroad (trains), by road (cars and trucks), by water (ship, boat, barge)

Depending on what you want to transport, and how you want to transport them/it, you would want to major in different subject in college.

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You will have do business studies in college to start your own transport or any other business and to run the same with profit/loss balance.

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