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AlexisCodman2 . Jan 06, 2012 1428 views

Does being a Artist include being able to make Fashion Designs?

I would like to be able to be an artist that can also be able to make Fashion Designs because I enjoy them both. #art #artist...


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Henry L. Jan 11, 2012 1824 views

How can i be a transport company owner?

How can i be a transport company owner? What subject i should choose in college? #business...


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Henry L. Jan 11, 2012 1415 views

What kind of internship jobs for transport company

If i finish my college,what kind of jobs there are for transportation?...


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BrittanyOppNet2017 . Jan 19, 2012 13801 views

What are work hours like as a neurosurgeon?

A good answer will speak about general hours and also emergency calls. #neurosurgeon #medicine...


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Cwilson13NFTEBOSS . Jan 19, 2012 3558 views

how do you stay motivated in your job?

iam in 11th grade and i want to know how to stay motivated because its hard for me to stay motivated....


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Miguel B. Jan 19, 2012 5886 views

What are the different jobs a person can do in Forensic Science?

I'm currently a junior in High school. I am somewhat interested in Forensic Science. However I don't have enough Knowledge of what are the different jobs within Forensic Science. #science #forensic #criminal...


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ChemiOppNet2017 . Jan 24, 2012 2184 views

Steps to Take in getting into a selective law school

What are the steps to follow after college in getting to a selective law school? #law...


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LidiaCodman1 . Jan 24, 2012 1006 views

Criminal Justice

How many years those it take you to study and get prepared to became a Police Officer?...


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ChemiOppNet2017 . Feb 04, 2012 2898 views

Type of classes to take in college for becoming a Lawyer

I am currently a junior. I am very interested in being a corporate lawyer but wondering what to major in college? Will it matter what type of classes I take or are there requirements? #law...


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DestinyCodman2 . Feb 07, 2012 9401 views

About how much money does a public defender make in a year?

In a year about how much money does a public defender make? Is it about the same amount as a regular lawyer or a private lawyer? #lawyers...


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MariahO . Mar 29, 2012 12249 views

What courses in college should I take to become a forensic scientist?

I've thoroughly enjoy science and math in high school throughout the years. I've seen numerous shows and have read several books about forensics and crime scene processes. I know generally a forensic major has to take several science, math, and law courses, but I would like to know specific...

#math #forensic #law

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MariahO . Apr 05, 2012 65017 views

What does a typical work day for a forensic scientist look like?

I am an aspiring forensic scientist and was wondering what a typical day would like. How many hours do they work? Do they work odd hours? What processes do they go through every day? That sort of information would be...

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Sdanielle . May 23, 2012 1914 views

What are the different careers that a crime investigator would have?

Hello , My name is Danielle and I go to a school in central Harlem called Democracy Prep Charter School. I LOVE crime investigation shows , and that has made me really interested in criminal investigation and/or crime in general. I love crime and the deep thinking of solving a case, but I don't...

#investigator #investigation #criminal-justice #crime

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Nshirley . May 23, 2012 1950 views

What do I need to do to get started on criminal profiling?

I've seen several television shows that incorporate criminal profiling and I realize that some of these shows may exaggerate the process that is taken to incriminate someone. One show that I watch is Criminal Minds, and this show has really sparked my interest. Even though this show may stretch...

#law-enforcement #police #criminal-justice #criminal #lawyers #crime #law

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Alize-Jazel S. Jun 01, 2012 5733 views

Are there any Forensic Sceince programs for High School Juniors/Seniors?

My name is Alize-Jazel and I am a Junior at Democracy Prep. I am very interested in having a career in Forensic science and maybe anthropology, but it it hard to find programs that sponsor that field of study. I also find it hard to find interships involving forensic science. what should i...

#forensic #science