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BrittanyG_af13 Mar 31, 2013 5348 views

How much do criminal lawyers make in a year?

On average, how much do lawyers typically make?

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Shatasia Oct 13, 2012 2334 views

Is most of your day spent working when being a detective?

I want to know how much of my day will be used due to this since thats what i want to be. #detective

Shatasia’s Avatar
Shatasia Oct 08, 2012 1843 views

Does it ever get scary when working with crimes?

Crimes scare me. However, i find it interesting. I want to know if fear is ever a problem when working with crimes. #criminal #crime #investigation

LidiaCodman1’s Avatar
LidiaCodman1 Sep 07, 2012 1949 views

What colleges are recommended the most to know enough about criminal justice to become a police officer?

I am a 10th grader. I am still trying to figure out what i want to major in. By me knowing the colleges that are the most recommended and also colleges that now a days police officers have been to it would help a lot; because i might major in criminal justice. Any location would be fine...

StevenCodman4’s Avatar
StevenCodman4 Sep 07, 2012 1675 views

Whats is the basic job of a forensic scientist?

I want to know this because i see lots of shows involving forensics and if it fits would want to make this a career #law-enforcement #forensic

Ariana’s Avatar
Ariana Sep 07, 2012 1631 views

what are the top colleges for forensic science?

i watch a lot of tv and my favorite show is criminal minds. Watching the show made me interested in studying Forensic Science. #college #criminal-justice #forensic

MaraCodman1’s Avatar
MaraCodman1 Sep 07, 2012 10717 views

What types of classes can you take for forensic science?

i am a sophomore in high school, and when I graduate I want to work in forensic field. #law #education #college-majors

Alize-Jazel’s Avatar
Alize-Jazel Jun 01, 2012 6479 views

Are there any Forensic Sceince programs for High School Juniors/Seniors?

My name is Alize-Jazel and I am a Junior at Democracy Prep. I am very interested in having a career in Forensic science and maybe anthropology, but it it hard to find programs that sponsor that field of study. I also find it hard to find interships involving forensic science. what should i...

Alize-Jazel’s Avatar
Alize-Jazel Jun 01, 2012 3968 views

What are the best colleges to study forensic science?

I am almost at the stage of applying for colleges. I have my college list, but i know there are so many colleges out there i just dont know where to apply. i live in New York and i dont want to go to far. where should i look? #science #criminal-justice #forensic #college-selection

Sdanielle’s Avatar
Sdanielle May 23, 2012 2414 views

What are the different careers that a crime investigator would have?

Hello , My name is Danielle and I go to a school in central Harlem called Democracy Prep Charter School. I LOVE crime investigation shows , and that has made me really interested in criminal investigation and/or crime in general. I love crime and the deep thinking of solving a case, but I don't...

Nshirley’s Avatar
Nshirley May 23, 2012 2609 views

What do I need to do to get started on criminal profiling?

I've seen several television shows that incorporate criminal profiling and I realize that some of these shows may exaggerate the process that is taken to incriminate someone. One show that I watch is Criminal Minds, and this show has really sparked my interest. Even though this show may stretch...

MariahO’s Avatar
MariahO Apr 05, 2012 75082 views

What does a typical work day for a forensic scientist look like?

I am an aspiring forensic scientist and was wondering what a typical day would like. How many hours do they work? Do they work odd hours? What processes do they go through every day? That sort of information would be helpful.

MariahO’s Avatar
MariahO Mar 29, 2012 14022 views

What courses in college should I take to become a forensic scientist?

I've thoroughly enjoy science and math in high school throughout the years. I've seen numerous shows and have read several books about forensics and crime scene processes. I know generally a forensic major has to take several science, math, and law courses, but I would like to know specific...

Miguel’s Avatar
Miguel Jan 19, 2012 7330 views

What are the different jobs a person can do in Forensic Science?

I'm currently a junior in High school. I am somewhat interested in Forensic Science. However I don't have enough Knowledge of what are the different jobs within Forensic Science. #science #forensic #criminal #justice

LidiaCodman1’s Avatar
LidiaCodman1 Jan 24, 2012 1322 views

Criminal Justice

How many years those it take you to study and get prepared to became a Police Officer? #criminal