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What Are Good Colleges For A Business Degree

I Want To Know So I Can Get More Info About The College And I Might Go There #business #college-majors

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5 answers

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Jared’s Answer

Best of the Village

US News and world report is one of the most popular publications for ranking colleges. They publish a list of what they consider the best schools for business. While it is by no means a "perfect" list, it is definitely a place to start in order to get a list of schools to research. Here is the top of the US News & World Report list for the business field:

  • University of Pennsylvania: Within the university, the business school is called the "Wharton School". It is often referred to simply as "Wharton" or "UPenn Wharton". Like many of the schools on this list, the Wharton school has both undergraduate and graduate (MBA or Doctoral) degrees in Business Administration.

  • MIT - The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (in Boston) has a business school called the Sloan school.

  • University of California at Berkeley - Berkeley's business school is called "The Haas School" and is a two year program (junior and senior years of a four-year degree at Berkeley).

  • University of Michigan at Ann Arbor - UMichigan's business school is called "The Ross School".

  • University of Virginia - Virginia's business school is called "The Darden School".

  • New York University - NYU's business school is called "The Stern School".

  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - UNC's business program is the Kenan-Flagler school. This is also a two-year program within a four-year degree.

  • University of Texas at Austin - UT Austin's business school is the "McCombs School".

  • Carnegie Mellon - The Carnegie Mellon business school is called the "Tepper School".

  • Cornell - Cornell has a couple of options for aspiring business people. You can be in the economics program, or you can join what is called the "Hotel School" which, in addition to specializing in hospitality industries, also includes a wide array of general business classes.

  • University of Southern California- USC's business school is called the "Marshall School".

The above is a general answer. However, if you have a particular field you would like to pursue (like marketing or finance) or if you have any particular constraints (like SAT score limits, tuition costs, access to scholarships, or location), then please let us know (or ask it in a separate follow-up question) and we can try to get you a more specific answer.


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Akshat’s Answer

I'd recommend Babson College. Those guys are awesome. The business people and entrepreneurs I see coming from there beat the pants off the MIT folks.

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CW’s Answer

For undergraduate students interested in business, UPenn's Wharton and NYU's Stern are particularly strong.

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Shreya’s Answer

All the schools Jared mentioned are great options if you want to pursue a Business degree. I went to USC as a Business major (The Marshall School of Business) and loved my experience there. However, to pursue a career in business, you could also study many other subjects: Economics, Design, Communications, Engineering, etc. and then potentially decide to get an MBA later down the line.

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Blake’s Answer

Hey Terrell,

The University of Pennsylvania is an excellent business school.