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what are working conditions mechanical engineers go through?

Asked Plano, Texas

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Glenn’s Answer

Georgia, that is an interesting question. Your question made me think about this for the first time. I will only share my experience. I have worked in product development my entire career. This has meant for me to be in offices based in the US and factories based in the US, Mexico, various parts of Asia, and Europe.

For the US offices, I have had offices with doors and cubicles of various sizes. Some new and some old. We also have lab areas for doing product testing and shop areas to build models.

Factories include assembly houses, molding housing (plastic parts), stamping houses (sheet metal parts), die casting factories (cast metal parts). These very greatly as to the country and as the the factory itself. We always love the clean and well maintained factories, but many times they are poorly set up, hot or cold depending on the season. We some times get a space to work in and sometimes, we have to make due with what is available for the moment.

On the plus side, I have traveled the world as part of my job and I got to interact with people for all over. I learned about their culture and their home life. All while getting to design and develop some very interesting products. I found engineering to be a very rewarding career.

Chris’s Answer

Updated Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

A mechanical engineer my self, more and more advanced economies are trying to reduce cost by moving work to lower economies. Work is moved away from manufacturing. As a mechanical engineer if you think about automation and robotics to reduce mundane tasks would be ideal.

Chris recommends the following next steps:

  • Look at the Industry portfolio of your country, also world economic forums to understand the trends in manufacturing,