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What are some things I should study to become a Businessman?

Asked Milwaukee, Wisconsin

what should I study? #business #e-business

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Daniela’s Answer

Updated State of Goiás, State of Goiás, Brazil

Hi Juan,

There are various educational career paths that students can choose from, including earning an associate, bachelor's or master's degree in business administration, management or a related field.

Although there are a variety of degree programs that aspiring business owners can choose from, general business courses will be similar for some degree programs. Similar business-related courses include:

Basics of management and marketing Financial management and policy Various economics courses Accounting courses Organizational leadership


This link is great and can help you a lot: https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/explore-careers/college-majors/business-majors-the-basics


Gary Stephen’s Answer

Updated Harlingen, Texas

Hi, You have a great answer above. I will add a few ideas...being a business person is all about managing, working with people, working with money and sales. Anything you do in these areas will help you, volunteering, joining a club/group, becoming a group/club leader, mowing lawns, selling lemonade in front of your house...all of these are working with people, money and sales...hope this helps...good luck! :)