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I wanted to major in the Biology field in college, I was wondering how will Biology really play a major role in me pursuing my career path in the Medical field, in terms of the process?

When it comes down to what I know, I know that with either being a Dentist, Oncologist, or an Orthopedic Surgeon, I know that I will ultimately have to major in Biology in college for the four years and get my Bachelors Degree. I currently take AP Biology as a Senior at my high School, there are times when I'm confused on the concepts, but I understand it to some extent. I wanted to know more on what the process is like in college and how interactive will we be with following with our professions within the Biology field. #biology #dentist #oncology #orthopedics

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2 answers

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Gabriel’s Answer

Hi Anacia,

Thanks for your questions. One thing that's important to understand is that you don't necessarily have to major in biology or even chemistry to be accepted into medical school.

Here are two links that will help break this down further:

Association of American Medical Colleges - Premedical Tips and Advice

US News

In essence, it's more important that you A) Do well in college overall B) Take the required pre-req courses for medical school (many of which can be fulfilled by completing electives in college.

Also, you are taking AP Biology which is a college-level course which means you already have an idea of what science courses will be like in college. A good academic advisor in college will help you select the right courses so you can find some balance meaning you can manage somewhat "easier" classes with courses you know are going to be more difficult like Organic Chemistry for example.

I hope this helps and please continue to post your questions on this forum.

Thank you comment icon Thank you Mr. Fig for the quick response and the links that will help me more understand this whole process of going into the medical field. This just made my life a little more easier and more stress-free for wanting to go into this field. So, again thank you, I will use these links to my advantage. Have a good afternoon. Anacia
Thank you comment icon You're very welcome. I wish you the best of luck! Gabriel Figliuzzi
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Paula’s Answer

I agree with everything that was said in the first response. While you can major in a science field, you do not have to in order to go to medical or dental school. You need to take the prerequisites to take the MCAT, which is the entrance exam for medical school. I think that means you have to take biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, and calculus. Beyond that you are free to major in anything you want.
I can tell you that 1/3 of my medical school class did not major in a science, and they were just as successful in medical school as the rest of us were.
Study what interests you, and make sure you do well in school and on the MCAT exam.
Good luck.