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Do experienced surgeons take rookie surgeons in during an operation?

I was wondering if it was necessary for rookie surgeons to experience operations first hand or just watch from afar.

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Both. They view at first. Depending on their reactions some are Asked to view a little longer until they become familiar with the OR ( and loose the fear and nerves as well). Others dive right in. Surgeons have to babysit the new Drs along with the other team members so they do not contaminate themselves or the sterile field. Carlos Bravo

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3 answers

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Rachel’s Answer

Absolutely. After medical school, you will complete a 5 year surgical residency where you will operate with experienced surgeons. The experienced surgeons make great efforts to show you the skills that are necessary to operate on your own. Following residency, you can do additional years of fellowship for even more specialty training with expert surgeons. Finally, as a young surgeon out in practice, older surgeons are often available and happy to come help with more complicated cases.

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Richard’s Answer


During medical school, students scrub in and observe surgeries.

During the 5 years of residency after medical school, residents assist with and eventually perform the surgeries under the supervision of an experienced attending physician.

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Casey’s Answer

Yes is the answer!

When you are in medical school, you do rotations with a variety of different types of medicine including surgery. If you decide to specialize in surgery, you become a "resident" physician in surgery after you graduate from med school which is kind of like a working surgery internship. They will shadow and partner with "attending" physicians who are doctors that are more experienced and have completed residency programs.