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Can I get good employment if I pursued a career in culinary?

Updated El Paso, Texas

Admin note: this question was translated from "PUEDES CONSEGUIR BUEN EMPLEO CON LA CARRERA DE COLUNARY"

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3 answers

Will’s Answer

Of course! Food is engrained into every humans day-to-day, with everyone's preference and taste being different. If you don't exactly see yourself being a chef I would recommend expanding your knowledge around nutrition and the effects of certain diets and cuisine.

I currently work at a company with a team of 200+ that are only focused on the company's food plan, and how we can source produce locally. There are so many directions to you can take this. Wishing you the most success!

Moriscia’s Answer

Updated Milton, Ontario, Canada

Absolutely. It is a very fulfilling career that can lead to being head chef at very established, famous restaurants or even owning your own restaurant. You can review the career paths of some famous chefs (Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Racheal Ray) to see their journey and success from that route. The culinary field has many branches, from cooks to food & sanitation inspectors, restaurant managers, food critics, kitchen equipment/consumable suppliers or food processing.

Bernard’s Answer

Updated Dublin, County Dublin

Hi Alfonso,

I will be short and concise because the answer is definitely yes. Now a day culinary has became very popular and even very normal people enjoy different kind of food, therefore pursue a career as professional chef is definitely one of the best choices you can take. I would suggest you to have a good reading about it and if you have the chance think on having those courses in different countries such as France Spain Italy China etc. etc.

Good luck and follow your dreams

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