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what types of advancements or promotions do i get?

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2 answers

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Lacee’s Answer

Hello Iliany,
I was a CNA while I finished nursing school. I worked in a nursing home, home health, and inpatient setting. I am curious if you are interested in going to nursing school. If so, there are many opportunities for promotions or advancements such as management in multiple settings, business, etc.

If you move forward with a nursing degree, many decide to receive the AS in Nursing first then proceed on for BSN....or even further.

Hope this helps,

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Hwal’s Answer


I'm a PA student but worked as a CNA before starting PA school. If you were asking about advancements or promotions for CNAs, I don't think there are to many, although there is some variety to what you can do as a CNA.

First off, hourly rates tend to be higher for experienced CNAs, and many employers have a system where the date increases by a certain % every year. Then, besides long-term care facilities, you could also work in home health care, private duty, and hospitals.

I hope this helps.