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After High School I am planning to go into the medical field, I am leaning toward becoming an EMT, What steps would I need to take to becoming a EMT?

Updated Charlotte, North Carolina

I have been interested in the medical field ever since I have been able to read & I am just curious about what path I should take. #doctor #nurse #paramedic #emt

2 answers

David’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California

Requelinda, I was an EMT at the age of eighteen. I went just before my senior year in high school. I know several physicians who started out as EMT’s. There are online courses that you can take. A good idea, is to contact your local EMS service and ask them their requirements for employment. In Charlotte you can contact Medic. Human Resources and their Clinical Coordinator should be able to help you. Even an on duty supervisor can answer your questions. You can ask them if you can do a ride a long. Some places have a policy against this and some do not. Some cities let you ride with a supervisor. That’s even better. Charlotte/Mecklenburg is an excellent place to start. https://www.medic911.com/

Ken’s Answer

Updated Cleveland, Ohio


Here are some things to consider about becoming an EMT:

## http://careerplanning.about.com/qz/Should-I-Become-an-EMT ##

Best of luck! Please keep me posted. I would like to know how you progress!!