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Can you work two jobs at once?

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I know I’m young and I have time to think this over but I have a deep love for animals. I also have a deep love for kids. And I have gone through some rough things in my life and I feel like no one deserves to feel unloved, unwanted, or unneeded. So I want to become a therapist for kids and teens. But I can’t help but come back to my love for animals. I really want to be an animal behaviorist for wild animals. Everything about how animals work and live amazes me. I know I could do a dual degree and get all the schooling for both jobs...but could I actually work both of them at the same time? #animals #psychology

2 answers

G. Mark’s Answer


First, I'll give you the general answer about working two jobs at once. Absolutely. As someone who worked three jobs while going to college full-time, I know it can be done. Granted, two of those jobs were part-time, and the kick was that those two part-time jobs were directly related to the major I'd chosen. Now, the limiting factor there was the actual number of hours in a week. This requires that you plan your schedule carefully. There's a great probability of those jobs clashing in time and in terms of pure human energy. Having jobs in stuff you already like is a huge advantage. One of my jobs was loading trucks for a shipping company, so by the time I got home, falling asleep was not a problem.

Now, since you're talking specifically about animals and therapy and psychology, my opinion is, contrary to some, that there is a lot of overlap. I also know that getting involved in those fields a part-time basis is common. A way to increase your probability of success is to seek co-op and internship positions with companies involved in those activities. Starting out that way will give you much more leverage in being able to tailor your hours. And these activities don't necessarily have the hourly limitation that, say, working in a commercial/public business would. Some of those activities could be required around the clock at times. Being "on-call" would allow you some flexibility, BUT also consider that you would have to peg out hours when you would NOT be available, and that would have to be worked out with your employer(s).

Finally, let me tell you that what you're proposing is a significant challenge. And due to the many things that could go right or wrong, you need to be prepared to be unsuccessful in gaining a part-time position in either of them. On the other hand, that failure is not permanent. You might be successful in getting that second position at any time in the future.

Bottom line: Yes. Not easy, but yes.

Kim’s Answer

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As young and energized as you are right now, I suspect you are thinking this idea is "doable." However, energized or not, you will need some "down-time" to re-energize. I believe having two careers will have you burned out by the time you are 30.

However. . . I have some ideas. Some people have a volunteer interest that they commit a lot of time to. Some have part-time jobs. The challenge with either of these ideas would be in establishing yourself as a professional in that field. Another idea is to find the intersection of these two career paths.

For example, specializing in animal therapy with youngsters. I do not know enough about it to direct you. The things I have seen are more at a volunteer level. There are people who take dogs to visit the elderly in nursing homes, or children in hospitals. There may be special programs at zoos or places like SeaWorld, I don't know. There is a program here that uses horses. Please see this link: http://thesaddlelightcenter.com/

Hopefully you find the answer to how you want to proceed! Wishing you the best!


Thank you!