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Hi, my name is Bacilio, and I really love art, and photography is a hobby too! I wanted to see if I could get some ideas for a career from professionals:) I also really like Math and Science.

For future specific choices for a college major. #professional #high-school #future #fun #artistic

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3 answers

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi Bacilio,

As you consider embarking on a career in photography, it’s a good idea to think about focusing your photography training on a particular branch of photography.

Determining what kind of photography training to pursue can be a good first step on the way to getting the photography career you’ve always wanted. Here are some photography training options and career paths to consider:

Commercial photography: Take pictures for any number of commercial purposes from catalogues to marketing materials to advertisements. Your clients will most likely give you well-defined parameters for your projects, with the goal of selling a product. In commercial photography, you’ll be shooting a wide variety of subjects in diverse locations.

Fashion photography: Capture the latest fashions on the runways in major fashion cities like New York, Paris and London, or shoot fashion spreads or advertisements for top name designers or department stores.

Fine art photography: Use your knowledge of lighting, composition and imagery to create meaningful, artistic images that galleries—and collectors—look for.

Forensic photography: Document the details of crime scenes to help law enforcement officers solve crimes and to aid in criminal justice procedures.

Medical photography: Capture images of organs or medical procedures that will be used in medical texts and research documents.

Nature photography: Take pictures of landscapes, plants and animals. A nature photography job can take you to a wide variety of locations around the world.

Photojournalism: Use your photography skills to document the latest breaking news or in-depth feature. Take pictures of people, places and events that your audience will be interested in learning about.

Portrait photography: The challenge of portrait photography can be to capture something about the personality of your subject—whether you’re taking pictures of beautiful celebrities or making ordinary people look their best. In a portrait photography job you may work with individuals or groups, or you might work at events like weddings. You may work in a studio or on location.

A bachelor’s-level education for photography will give you more time to develop your portfolio, which is a critical part of being competitive in the job market. In addition, bachelor’s degree programs often provide a more varied curriculum and the opportunity to specialize.

For instance, you might choose to emphasize business skills if your goal is to open a private studio; alternatively, if you plan to work in online media, specializing in digital photography can help. A 4-year degree also enables you to pursue a masters of photography in the future.

In: http://www.allartschools.com/photography-training/

All the Best!

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Wael’s Answer

You can have a career in engineering too! Engineers with an artistic designs are appreciated by the industry. Myself, I enjoy Pagani Automobili the most. I left a link of an example below. But it isn't just cars; Buildings, printers, watches, and even trash cans could be designed to be beautiful and functional.


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Ken’s Answer

Hi Bacilio!

Here is a site regarding multimedia design, which I think you will find interesting:


Send thank you notes to those who help you. Please keep me posted. I would like to follow your progress! Best of luck!

Thanks to both of you! I will try to seek into what plans can lay ahead. Thank you again for all of the advice, it will surely help me evaluate what career I want to look into. Bacilio H.