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At military boot camp what class do you have to take

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Brian’s Answer

There typically are no choices in training classes in Boot Camp. Nearly every new Boot is on the same program. The focus is training you in the language, customs and rules of the military branch you joined in addition to making you physically fit. It's also designed to challenge several people from different cultures, backgrounds and personal experiences to learn to work as a team towards common goals. Give your best and learn as much as you can!

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Kevin’s Answer

That depends on the service you join. They all have a strict regiment that every recruit must go thru. The standards are the same.


Basic Combat Training, often known as “boot camp”, is your introduction to Army service, and where you will learn the traditions, tactics, and methods of becoming a Soldier.

During Basic, you’ll learn how to work as a member of a team to accomplish tasks. You’ll learn discipline, including proper dress, marching, and grooming standards. Most importantly, you’ll be instilled with the Seven Core Army Values and the Soldier Creed.

Basic Combat Training comes in three phases and lasts about ten weeks, depending on your military occupational specialty (MOS). After you graduate from basic training, you will undergo two additional phases of training, known as Advanced Individual Training, where you will learn the job skills required of your MOS.