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if you have a political science/international relations degree what are the jobs you can do?

Asked Guayaquil, Guayas, Ecuador

to all the political science majors, what are the job opportunities your degree give you? and what are the advantages and disadvantages of your job? thank you:) #political-science #international-relations #degree #college-major #job

2 answers

Nija’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

Hi Ana!

I don't have any experience in your field; however, I have conducted research about your career path in political science and international relations. I came across interesting employee positions in utilizing your degree. As for international relations degree, you can look into becoming a Diplomat (maintaining good relations between countries); Intelligence Specialist (gathering state critical information); Political Analyst (explaining the political climate); Lobbyist (promoting ideas to those who can make them a reality); and Communications Specialist. To utilize the political science degree, you can be a Policy Analyst; Legislative Assistant; Public Relations Specialist; Social Media Manager; Political Consultant; Attorney; Intelligence Analyst; Political Campaign staff; and College Student Leadership & Activities Officer.

I hope this gives you an idea of the jobs that you can obtain in political science and international relations. For further information, you can research the following websites that I retrived the information from that is listed below:



Nija recommends the following next steps:

  • Arrange to meet with professionals in your field.
  • Think about doing an internship or volunteer in your field.
  • Network with other college students in your field because you can receive good ideas and recommendations from others.
  • Consider to meet with a Career Counselor to further explore career options in your field.
  • Continue to do your research on different employment opportunities in your field.
Thank you so much for answering, and I’ll definitely look up those links✨:)

Stacy’s Answer

Hello Ana,

I always get so excited when I know of people that wants to know more about international relations. I got my degree in that major and in my perspective, international relations/studies provided me with the ability to analyze world issues from a non biased perspective. The major was compiled of a variety of classes, from micro/macro/international economics, geography, religion, politics, to history, literature, research and study abroad requirements. There are also paths that you will choose from within international relations. For example at California State University Long Beach, students had to choose a specific track from: Journalism, politics, development, and business.

As for jobs, since I chose the development track, I currently work for a nonprofit organization in Los Angeles that is focused on the empowerment of low income communities within its county. Definitely I would like to go back for my MA and become a diplomat, but but there are different ways to achieve this since a bachelors in International Relations gives you a very broad knowledge in multiple subjects. Political Science will deal more with the laws or rules of people, International Studies aims to provide students with the skills in language, analytical thinking, research, and economic literacy that are necessary for graduate study and careers in international fields.

Hope that my answer is able to give you an insight to International Relations and the mindset that you could develop with this major.

The following link is for the CSULB International Studies program:


If you want more information don’t hesitate to message me back! (:

omg sorry for the late reply I definitely found your reply useful, yes I have a lot of questions about this:( since the only university in my city that offers a degree within the international relations type is political science. It has a itinerary in international relations but the degree doesn’t say that. So I’m a little confused about that, thank you again for replying. Also, do you think universities in the us are suitable for international students pursuing this degree?