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What is the responsibilty of a tax manager at an investment management company?

I recently heard of this job title, and I'm thinking about pursuing an accounting degree in college. Can you help me understand what your job is like? What do you do? Are you an accountant? #finance #financial-services #investment-management #investing #tax

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2 answers

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Chuck’s Answer

While I don't have direct experience with the tax side ( I was an analyst of tech stocks) I agree with AG's answer that tax is an important aspect (meaning job) at an investment firm. And the firm does not have to have an international component to it (but that knowledge is more valuable).

While a bit different there are also jobs at high-net worth investment firms that provide tax advice to their clients. To add to your value and advice is a law degree or at least a fair amount of knowledge of the law that would be applicable for your clients.

Good luck!

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A’s Answer

Tax managers have a very important job at investment management companies like PIMCO. They lead the tax function for the firm and manage tax issues across the global offices for various products (e.g. public funds), client accounts, and business operations. An undergraduate degree in accounting and the CPA (certified public accountant) designation can be great preparation for a career in tax. Investment management companies do not only have investment management jobs - they also have very important business functions like tax, accounting, legal, compliance, sales, technology, etc.!