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What kind of people should I be networking with to have a successful business

Updated Bridgeport, Connecticut

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Misty’s Answer

Updated Huntsville, Alabama


Networking in business is always a good thing. It always allows contacts in your field as well as ways to connect with suppliers, buyers, and all topics business related. Anyone related to the business model you are going for such as suppliers and the like are going to be the ones you need to network and build working relationships with. This gives you access to the things that you are going to need for your business as well as connects you with others in your business model. It could also help in colaboration projects in the future pending the type of business you are looking into.

Alot of time, there are different job fairs and expos centered around certain types of businesses where colleagues can get together and network and talk shop. Look into this as well as it can provide you with networking connections related to your business.

James’s Answer

Updated Lorton, Virginia


That is a great question that a lot of people have.

A great way to network with people with your similar mindset or career field virtually, I have found, is LinkedIn. I am looking to go into collegiate professorship when I retire from my current position in a few years. I am building up my network now. What I am still doing is looking up colleges that I would be interested in teaching at and sending requests to the Deans, assistant deans and department chairs. I now have a large network of leadership at the colleges near me so when I am ready to apply, I have my LinkedIn address on my resume.

Another good way to network is to volunteer or intern in the area that you are interested in. That will open up a great way to be able to interact with others in your field.

Good luck.

Salome’s Answer

Updated Cambridge, Massachusetts

Hi Marc,

It depends on your business. One of your # suggests that you are working on a clothing business. There are two ways I would think about this. First, how do I network with people within my industry? Do you know other designers or creators. Are there events in your area for people interested in fashion. Start with those. Second, find entrepreneurial competitions in your area or online so you can practice your presentation and pitching skills. Some of the competition will ask you to write a business plan so you get to learn that as well. There are many open networking events for people in business who you can get to know and pitch your idea to.

Even though I said there are two ways to think through this, the third is the most profound and most forgotten. Please let your teachers and your family know about your aspirations. They are your greatest network. If you want to start a business, your closest circles are the ones that can help you gain access to other resources and opportunities. Hope this helps!

Dave’s Answer

I encourage you to network with as many people as possible. Do not limit yourself to specific groups as you never know what can come of the connections you make.

Mandy’s Answer

Updated Concord, California

Hi Marc,

I would recommend that you connect with everyone, the more you are open to human connections the better it is for your business. There are times that we only focus on direct connections; however, when we allow ourselves to be open to all connections, it strengths our market exponentially. These new found connections may very well be an indirect asset to an introduction to an individual who can help with the growth of your business or has access to something/someone that can help your business grow. Keep in mind every experience that these individuals have encountered in the past, may also help to grow your business perspective. Lastly, I would recommend that you sign up for conventions and local events within your region that align with your message (directly and indirectly).

Warm regards,


Mandy recommends the following next steps:

  • Research local networking events within your community.
  • Be open to communication, do not limit yourself to your particular market.