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what degree do i need in order for me to fulfill office administration?

Asked El Paso, Texas

do i need any type of degree or high school diploma? #business

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Moriscia’s Answer

Updated Milton, Ontario, Canada

Hello Alexa,

A Diploma in Office Administrations or an Associate Degree in Office Administration or Business Administration/management would get you the knowledge you will need to start in this career. Usually persons with this diploma or associate degree often further their studies by obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration or Management to manage offices, accounts or even to work as an administrative assistant in a large corporation. Developing your experience in this field, having a keen eye for detail and able to multi-task well are important skills to be a successful Administrative Assistant.

Danielle’s Answer

Depending on which institution you attend, you may seek out a Bachelor's of Business Administration - also known as BBA (which traditionally takes 4 years to complete). You can also seek a focus in BBA in a specific business function such as Management, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, etc. You can research a university's degree program via their websites and find specific details about what kinds of classes you would take towards a degree. You can also learn what kind of careers that university's alumni have gone into. Office/Business Administration can be a very versatile degree, but speaking from personal experience, you should absolutely look into a double major or minor (this way you can diversify your career options).

Danielle recommends the following next steps:

  • If you make Business Administration your primary major, it would definitely benefit you to choose a second major or minor in something you enjoy learning (such as IT, a language, anything really). You'll have quite a few years of college to gain the skills that will lead you to your dream job, so spend your time well!