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Rosa Apr 06, 2018 402 views

Are there any jobs that involve photography and agriculture together?

I enjoy both photography and agriculture but I am not sure which would be better to major in. I was wondering if there is a job that allows me to do both.

#Photography #agriculture

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Anneke Jan 10, 2018 496 views

What degree(s) should you get in college if you are interested in working at NASA mission control?

I'm a 9th grader that is curious about space and am interested in any job relating to mission control. #nasa #missioncontrol #space #astronomy

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Jun 19, 2019 327 views

How do I become a successful music producer in such a competitive industry

what do i have to do from the start? #music-industry

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Sohaib Jan 18, 2018 580 views

How much will my ACT effect my chances for success?

I have been studying a lot for the ACT and I have been improving, but I am not a great standardized test-taker and the reading section is what hurts me the most. Will having a score in the lower thirties negatively impact my chance for success? #ACT #exam #standardized-testing #entrance-exams...

angelysse’s Avatar
angelysse Jun 20, 2019 268 views

do i need to be a professional in office to become a lawyer

#lawyer #attorney

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Alexa Jun 20, 2019 200 views

what degree do i need in order for me to fulfill office administration?

do i need any type of degree or high school diploma? #business

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Paulene Jun 20, 2019 326 views

what are some questions you would ask in an informational video