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is there any type of dress code to work for office administration?

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do i need to follow any specific type of uniform? #business

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Kim’s Answer

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The previous answer covered the highlights. Men have it pretty easy. Slacks and button down shirt, ties are increasingly optional, jacket to dress it up. Women's fashion is constantly changing. I watched in horror as leggings/yoga pants crept into the workplace. At first, they kept their bottoms covered, but then started wearing shorter tops. Tattoos and piercings too. Obviously, a lawyer or accounting office will be pretty conservative. But, what if you work someplace like Google? There is a lot of room for flexibility. I think one of the reasons I became a cop was so I wouldn't have to deal with clothes!

Even if things are relaxed, realize you may not be treated like the professional you are if you don't dress the part. Say, if you work at a warehouse or construction firm. You want to be respected for the position, so sometimes you have to dress. (and honestly, I have been around many lawyers who dress up only when they will be seeing clients/going to court. They like jeans and shorts just like the rest of us!)

When interviewing, play it safe, until you learn what is expected. This means no visible tattoos or piercings, nothing revealing, and no overpowering perfumes. Hair should be a natural color. Hope this helps!

Eula’s Answer

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Yes Alexa E,

I am very happy to give a little explanation on why dress codes are so important.

The first thing other people will see about you, is your face and especially your eyes. They will notice your hair and the expression of your face. Then they will look at your entire body, especially how you are dressed. This happens in less then 4 seconds. So what you wear is important. It reveals who you are and what you are about. In a work setting dress codes are important to help focus on work and not get sidetracked by anything else, as is a proven fact that many people do (from gossip, to stealing, to getting involved in drama and other stuff)

The rules of dress code goes like this:

1) no matter how simple always wear clean and ironed clothes. This will show that you are neat and care about details.

Then for work: Uniforms may be required, but not always.

Depending on the company you work for, this will apply from top to toe, thus from hair style down to your shoes. Some companies are fancier then others. For instance in a 5 star hotel, they are particular about dress codes, from front office to back office. In a construction company, they may be much more relaxed. The more expensive the business and the customers look, the sharper the image you must carry. Like lawyers love to wear the business suit, and their office personnel usually does too.

In general for office support, administration to executive secretary or customer service, the general rule is to wear clothes that are professional and mostly conservative. Color is matched to the company if you wear a uniform, and by your own fashion if you do not have to wear one.

I wore my uniform with great pride, when I was a Chief on the airplanes. I still wear a uniform sometimes, as in my Martial arts classes and it gives me a sense of belonging to a larger group and am identified as such.

In office settings, from boss to clerk: For Males, Pant suits, Jackets and Pants and for females, pants and jackets, Skirts and Suits, dresses and pants and blouse or skirt and blouse all apply. But NOTHING that is too revealing, provocative, sexy and tight to the body, skirts that are at knee length or below (especially when sitting down) buttoned blouses up above the decollete, and dresses that are somewhat loose, Long sleeves, or shorter sleeves to the elbow, or even shorter cut just below the shoulder.

Mostly closed shoes, button earnings and no jewelry that make other people think you are going to a gala party or are the nominee to the Oscars.

and ALWAYS KEEP YOUR NAILS CLEAN AND MANICURED (also toes if you wear open shoes)

Here is a link on google that I searched for you: OFFICE ATTIRE, and you will find a wide variety of clothes suitable for office, work and administrative assistants. You can copy and paste it on your web-browser.


I hope this helps and if you have any more questions, know that we are all always here for you OK?

Bridget’s Answer

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Dress codes vary by employer. For an interview I would always dress business professional. Once you secure the job, then ask your new employer what the dress code policy is. Most businesses today have a business casual dress code. This article does a great job of explaining the differences and giving examples: https://www.thebalancecareers.com/what-is-business-attire-1918075