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Good forensic science volunteer/internship programs?

I want to get some experience in the forensic science field. I am in my second year at college. I am trying to major in applied forensic chemistry. I am having trouble finding a program for a student in college at my level. I seem to only find the ones for pre-college and well into college. #college #forensic #science #college-major

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2 answers

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Annabelle’s Answer

I work with Altamonte springs police department and we offer an internship / volunteer opportunity with students who are in the croman justice and forensic major in college!
When I was trying to get an internship, I emailed almost every police department in my area . I introduced myself as a student willing to learn and expressed interest in any internship/volunteer programs. If they did not have any , I simply asked for 15 mins of their time to tell me about what they do and how they got to where they are today. (This builds connections and allows you to become familiar with people you may be working with in the future) this will give you some insight on what step you may need go through first!

Hope this helps! Good luck! And hopefully we’ll see you in Altamonte!

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Olivia’s Answer

Look at government work and join sites like LinkedIn or Indeed to find some.