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Easton, Massachusetts
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Eamonn Jan 15, 2018 542 views

Can anyone tell me how I can learn more about internships in coldwater fisheries?

Looking for opportunities in coldwater fisheries.

#fishing #fishery #fisheries #fisheries-science

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Jay Jan 26, 2020 430 views

How could film production do without a trace of feminism

Am a student, love travelling and meeting new friends #college

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Rachel Jun 30, 2019 861 views

Good forensic science volunteer/internship programs?

I want to get some experience in the forensic science field. I am in my second year at college. I am trying to major in applied forensic chemistry. I am having trouble finding a program for a student in college at my level. I seem to only find the ones for pre-college and well into college....

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Sumaiya Jan 27, 2020 825 views

How do you establish yourself as a freelance editor/proofreader? How do you build credibility with potential clients?

I am a university student with little to no work experience. # #job #student #college #proofreading #editor #first-job

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Dayton Jan 24, 2020 644 views

Good art colleges

I’ve been wanting to know what college would be good for a Career in Art #art #college #artist

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judith Nov 15, 2019 568 views

how long do u have to go to college for