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What are the requirements for a television host?

The position I want is based on being a host of a show or reality show
Television host

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3 answers

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Nir’s Answer

Many hosts start out as correspondents, or guests for other TV shows. Getting your foot in as a runner and making your way towards producer is as close to "a path as it comes". Generally your bosses will know what your desired path is and will keep it in mind. Unfortunately it's a very hard space to get into because a lot of hosts are celebrities from other means such as retired professional athletes, reality tv stars, models, etc.
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Gordon’s Answer

A huge well of knowledge regarding the English language, or whatever language you wish to work in. If you are knowledgeable and can speak with authority, viewers will accept you which is crucial. Try writing and presenting a home made newscast and have a friend or family member record it on video. Don’t be embarrassed by any mistakes....we all want to get it right the first time but that won’t happen. You must do it over, and over and over until it feels comfortable. And try volunteering at a station. Get you “foot in the door” and study everything you see. Knowledge is power.
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Sachin’s Answer

Hi Dafne,

Thanks for the question. While there are no specific qualifications required to become a television presenter, many people begin their careers by working as runners or media researchers behind the scenes of television shows. Some people become television presenters after working as actors.

Some presenters move into TV from other areas of the media like journalism or media research and may already have a degree. You may also need a degree or detailed knowledge if you wish to work on a specialized program such as science, history or property development.

Whatever qualifications you have, you will need to have the right kind of skills and personality. Competition for jobs is very strong so you will also need determination, persistence and the ability to network and promote yourself.

If you’re serious about a career as a television presenter, you’ll need to have a showreel – a short film which shows your on-screen presenting skills. 

Hope this helps!

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