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How to get into med school?

Asked Richardson, Texas

I'm looking forward to further my career interest in Medicine. I want to be a trauma nurse or go into the army to help with nursing wounded soldiers. I would love to know what's the best way to get into med school

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David’s Answer

Being a trauma nurse is an excellent way to get into medical school. But it is unlikely, that you will start there. And let me let you in on a little secret. Trauma is not stabilized in the ER! And this can become frustrating to a nurse. If you like trauma, work in the OR. Even, if you have to start out as a surgical tech. They offer those schools in Dallas. There are three level one trauma centers in Dallas: Baylor, Parkland and Methodist. Apply to those hospitals, coming out of nursing school and take any job that they offer. Volunteer in the ER, if you can. Any ER. Even right now. A good way to get your foot in the door in the ER, is apply to admissions. That’s a paid job. That way, every one gets to know you. And when it’s time to be a nurse, they won’t be hiring a stranger. When I was your age I wanted to be a medic in the military, because I was already one in civilian life. I was told that the military doesn’t always give you your wish. I could have ended up a chef. And I realized that I may end up wounded myself and so much, for my medical career.

Go to UT Southwestern in Dallas. I would also try North Texas Osteopathic in Fort Worth. Ask them what undergraduate schools that they prefer. You can also call admissions on the phone. The more aggressive you are, the better chance you have. No one wants a timid doctor. You have to also be willing to leave the state you live in. I had a few friends who had to leave the country. Nevertheless, their lab coat says MD on it now and one DO. And they are back in the states.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, the best way for an undergraduate, or pre-med student, to get in to medical school, is become a scribe. Where you follow a doctor, for eight hours a day. How do you think a letter of recommendation, from your boss/friend, would look to admissions? And he or she has already graduated from medical school. (Http://scribeamerica.com/)

Being a doctor, is like being a baseball player. It takes desire, dedication and determination. But at the start of each game, someone announces your name and you get to show off. If this job is your passion and in your heart and it looks like it is, I don’t need to wish you any luck.