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What opportunities has this particular profession opened for you?

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2 answers

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Doris’s Answer

My profession which is mostly in technology has afforded me a stable and comfortable livelihood. It allows me to continue to learn about the ever-changing world of technology, its uses and implementations. Also, my company offers many volunteering, professional development and continuing education opportunities to our employees. This kind of environment has permitted me to grow as a individual, expand my knowledge and network with other professionals.

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Douglas’s Answer


The main opportunity that this profession; Mechanical Engineering has opened up for me is that it has allowed me to make a very good living doing something that I really liked to do. It has enabled me to meet a wide variety of people and travel to places that I might never have visited if it weren't for the work I was doing. Lastly, it has given me a great sense of satisfaction in that I have accomplished something and helped a lot of people.