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How can you use your abilities in your new job

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I can draw
I'm a good gamer
I read and watch anime
I learn fast I like to work hard too
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Tom’s Answer


Hi Jonathan. You are on the right track. Maybe I can help broaden your info on this topic.

Employers are looking for skills that will make them money. The items you have listed are more in the area of interests, than skills. But that's ok. You probably have skills you haven't identified yet that might be helpful in landing a job.

Employers want people with appropriate knowledge for the job, but they are also vitally interested in what skills someone will bring them as well as formal education. Here's some info on the skills employers are looking http://www.opportunityjobnetwork.com/job-resources/help/top-10-skills.html

So why not look that over and see if there are skills you already possess and when you apply for a job highlight those skills.

Good luck my friend.