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Where can i get up-to-date information on this career?

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2 answers

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Hansel Junior’s Answer

This is a tricky question. This is a career which is growing up every day so we need to be updated about the technologies which are disrupting and making the difference in the market. I understand your concern.

The good thing is that we have internet, maybe in old times there weren’t enough options to be updated. In my case, I found some resources for example in Twitter, Medium.com, dev.to. Also, I try to asking tricky questions to other colleagues about the technologies that I follow, sometimes having a different approach can give you opportunities for improving your skills.

You’ll find more resources by the time. Meanwhile, let me know if you want more details about Twitter accounts and so on.

Best regards

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Rajesh’s Answer

Get a career advisor or visit you college's placement department, talk to your seniors, talk to the people who are working in the domain area that you are interested in. There is a lot of information available on the net. Plus you can check the colleges or Universities who offer the courses that are required for the career.

In my career, I have used the above resources quite a lot and it has helped me. All the best!