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Which skills are required for your day to day basis?

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Zach’s Answer

The skills that I utilize most often as a pilot include:

Studying: you might not think this is a skill, but the more you practice the more efficient you become at learning and memorizing. In a field like aviation, rules and procedures change frequently, plus there is a lot of information to know about your aircraft. If you do not routinely refresh this knowledge you will fall behind and potentially make a catastrophic error.

Problem solving: the most disappointing thing I see from new pilots is when they shy away from a challenge, or think that they do not have the tools to solve a problem. So, do two things to improve your problem solving ability. First, look for opportunities to take on big challenges when the stakes are low. In other words, don't be afraid to fail. The earlier in life you start taking on challenges, the faster you will grow. Ultimately, you will be so confident in your own ability that no challenge will seem undoable. Second, build your toolkit for problem solving. This toolkit should have an incredibly diverse set of tools. Examples include: 1) a network of friends and mentors who are knowledgable in the field of whatever problem you are trying to solve. 2) an ability to find credible resources in the library, on the internet, etc. 3) a working (and ever-growing) knowledge of your preferred software. The software that I use most as a pilot is Excel. I encounter complex math problems that require many inputs. These problems are often repeatable and therefore perfect for excel. Developing your toolkit will in turn feed your confidence at problem-solving which will ultimately increase your willingness to take on challenges. You can see how this loop of improvement will make you an adept problem solver early in your career, making you a desirable and impactful employee.

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Saurabh’s Answer



Time management.