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Which colleges would be recommended for this career?

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2 answers

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Abhishek’s Answer

Hi Jonathan

Since you have already decided the carrier path, it is not much difficult to make a move. It is one of the best carrier paths.

Just find some good universities that provide education in air traffic control or aviation industry. Better way to choose a university would be to see if it is near your home or in some place which convenient for you and you will not have to travel much.

Also check how are the placements in those universities, so that you at least have a job once you complete you course. If you can get in touch with students already doing such courses, that will be great.

Abhishek recommends the following next steps:

You can refer below link for some good colleges for air traffic control https://www.universities.com/find/texas/best/air-traffic-controller-degrees

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Zach’s Answer

Carnegie Mellon University
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Johns Hopkins University
Towson University
University of Maryland, Baltimore County