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Aiden’s Avatar
Aiden Dec 09, 2021 785 views

How long could I be in debt after college?

College is extremely expensive and there's no way I can't be in debt.
#college #money #financial-planning

Naresh’s Avatar
Naresh May 13, 2016 920 views

I want to became a technologist, need to know the path to follow

I will very interested in computer designing creating mobile applications and animations.
I want to became a technologist, hence which course i have select in my higher studies to achieve my goals. #technology #software-engineer #technologist

Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan Sep 06, 2019 538 views

Which colleges would be recommended for this career?

#computer-software, #Aircontrol, #Airtraffic, #Pilot

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Jul 29, 2018 884 views

How to get a fully-paid internship (in another state) for the summer?

Next summer, I want to explore a software engineering internship in another state. However, due to financial circumstances I would need for the internship to pay for my housing as well. Any tips on how to secure an internship that offers this? Thank you so much for your guidance....

Oscar’s Avatar
Oscar Nov 30, 2021 732 views

how to get a lot of money

#college #graduate-school #finance

Junxi’s Avatar
Junxi Dec 02, 2021 2523 views

After college can I go take more classes

#college #student #any #professional #classes