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How did you determine what field in IT you want to be in? Do you think of changing?

I want to become a project manager. I am also interested in the cloud service. #management

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4 answers

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Catherine’s Answer

I have been in the IT world for 20+ years. When I first started, i was looking for a marketing role while finishing up my MBA. I became an intern in engineering at AT&T with the plan to switch to marketing once it opens up. Marketing never happened, so i stayed in engineering as a Software Configuration Manager which i did well and have fun. I continued with that after graduation for a bit. After a few years in this field, i decided to move into a role more related to MBA since i never studied computer science even though i had a MIS degree.

I joined Toastmasters to increase my communication confidence and skills. English is my second language. After a few months, i asked my manager for opportunities in project management. My manage helped me to start doing project management part time from small maintenance release management. Then it turned into large software and hardware release management with hundreds of engineers supporting it around the globe.

After a few years doing engineering release management, due to the market ship and reorg at work, i moved into customer facing project manager role. A few years later, someone asked me if i wanted to do business operations. So i moved into business operations.

I'm sharing all this so you can see that in large IT companies you will have opportunities to try different roles. And experiences from all roles are valuable and can help you land your next role.

It is good to know what you want in the very beginning. But keep in mind, doing something as a job everyday is different from watching someone or doing it for a day.

Have an open mind and try a role you believe you will be more likely to succeed in and enjoy. Continue to re-evaluate and adjust throughout your career.

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Steve’s Answer

I have been at my current job for almost 30 years so the industry has changed and where before we usually a jack of all trades, when I started it if lit up on your desk and wasn't your phone you called my department.  Computers have become such an integral part of all businesses now that there are so many more jobs and specialties and more popping up every day.  Decide what you like and be open for what opportunities there are not only in that specific specialties but in the bordering ones, you may be specialize in Network but when working on Networks decide Cyber Security or Voice Technologies are more your taste and you can make that jump with the experience you gain not being lost.  While in school seek out internships, Co-Ops or any opportunity that puts you into the work world (even if it may not be exactly what you are looking for) this will give you experience, contacts and most of all exposure to multiple disciplines which may help you decide what you want to do or sometimes more importantly what you don't want to do.  My first degree is in Accounting and Specialized Management and after 9 months of being Junior Comptroller for a Manufacturing firm I decided I hated Accounting and moved into technology.  I have been primarily working with Intel based technologies (Windows, Citrix, Linux, etc.) for most of the last 30 years and have recently moved into a Kanban Lead/ScrumMaster role for 2 different technology teams which is more of a hands off Agile/Project management role so you can move and sometimes you need to as the work and technology changes.  Do not worry that the decisions you make today will pigeon hole you into a particular job for the rest of you life and with the rapid changes in technology and business you will more likely have to be evolving your skills and your role as you go even if you stay in the same place.  In technology about 1/2 of what you know today is obsolete or non-applicable next year, so learn how to learn and embrace that and grow as you go.

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Rudy’s Answer

I started out in IT over 25 years ago with a degree in Computer Science. I worked for some technology companies and specialized in the field of image manipulation (think rotating and cropping images). After 4 years, I joined a IT consulting company and was exposed to multiple industries including Healthcare and Manufacturing. After consulting for a few years, I joined a tech startup and went back to software development. Since then, I have been back and forth between consulting and technology companies and also full time in IT for an insurance company.

For me, there were two choices at the outset. Be a jack of all trades or specialize in a field. It helped me to build up good domain expertise in my first job which helped me get into consulting. Consulting exposes you to different industries and helps you think on your feet. So a progression from a technology company to consulting gives you a good foundation as well as a broad exposure to technologies and industries.

Based on what you enjoy, you can pick and choose as you go. But try to build up good software development habits in your first job. Good luck!

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Jennifer’s Answer

My recommendation would be to follow your interest but be willing to learn and try new areas to see if they may also be a good fit. Take any opportunity to learn or try something new, take on a new challenge and don't be afraid to fail. As long as you are open to learning and are willing to work hard, you may decide that you fit into an area that is not what you would have expected. Plus you build your network.