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In El Paso, TX is there a lot of work in engineering systems

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2 answers

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Sona’s Answer

El Paso may have work, but maybe limited, due to its proximity to Juarez, and the instability from the border. However there are factories in Juarez like Cisco's factories which have technology opportunities. with the Tariff changes by the current US govt. Mexico will get more of the manufacturing business from China, so more opportunities, will come that way, hang tight.

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Fernando’s Answer

A friend of mine obtained his master's degree in Systems Engineering from UTEP. He is an international student. After graduation, he obtained a full time job in the medical industry related to prosthetic devices in el Paso, TX.

Fernando recommends the following next steps:

Type System Engineering jobs in google search, then click in any website like Indeed, glassdoor, careerbuilder, etc. Then you can search by location.