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What profession doesn't require you to be a police officer in the criminal justice field?

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2 answers

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Diana’s Answer

You could consider a job in cyber security and fight the bad guys (hackers) on the internet. You don't have to have any police/military background, and there are several commercial companies, i.e. Verizon that hire cyber security resources. Several colleges have cyber security programs. I received my Masters Degree from Penn State.

Diana recommends the following next steps:

Talk to a college counselor about their cyber security program
Talk to a professional in the cyber securty field to get a sense of their occupation

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Kim’s Answer

There are many options.

Probation/parole officer. Juvenile detention officer. CADAC (drug abuse counselor).

Legal field: paralegal. Attorney. Crime Victim advocate (help them navigate the judicial system as they monitor what happens to the suspect). Working for the Innocence Project to try to get wrongfully convicted people released from prison, etc.

Journalism. Big cities tend to have "Crime" reporters, "court house reporters," etc

Analyst: working for police departments to analyze crime trends.

CSI: Some police departments have civilian investigators.