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Which college in Ohio can I attend if I want to become at dermatologist?

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3 answers

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Christine’s Answer

here is a website i found that shows a list of all dermatology programs in the state of Ohio. Each program is also linked for you to be able to find more information.


This is the website for the Dermatology program at Ohio State University: https://wexnermedical.osu.edu/departments/internal-medicine/dermatology/education

This is the website for the program at University of Cincinnati: https://www.med.uc.edu/dermatology

Christine recommends the following next steps:

Review the list of program options in Ohio and see if you're interested in any of them
Look into program requirements for those that interest you

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Estelle’s Answer

You can actually attend any 4 year university with a reasonable reputation. Do well in your pre-med classes and maintain a 3.8+ GPA and you should be a competitive med school applicant.

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Matthew C.’s Answer

THE Ohio State University... Networking will be a big part of the future and coming from a giant school where most of the state of ohio will like you right off the bat just for where you went to school could be a nice boost. Big state schools also have a large alumni support network.