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Jerry L. Jun 20, 2016 819 views

How do you ask your superiors for a day off to attend an event relating to your field?

I'm beginning as an intern in the tech industry soon, and TechInclusion is having a 2-day conference in NYC in about a week from today. Is it appropriate to ask my boss for a day off so I could attend the conference? If it is, how should I approach requesting such absences and would I expected...

#leaves-of-absence #management #industry-related-events #tech

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Nicole C. Jan 24, 2017 761 views

What skills are most useful or desired for a job in Human Resources?

What skills are most applicable for a job in HR and what skills are employers looking for? #business #human-resources #hr...


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Karyme V. Sep 09, 2019 266 views