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How do I get retirement

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How does retirement work?!?!?!?!?! #human-resources #business #work #career #law

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Ryan’s Answer


Save, save, save. Work until you have put away nice nest egg of money that will last you until 100yrs old. That will make sure you can live your life equally in retirement as you did while working.

Peter’s Answer

  1. Put away AT LEAST 15% of everything you earn as soon as you start working
  2. Take advantage of programs that exist in your company to save more effectively such as 401K plans, Employee Stock Purchase Plans, etc . Some of these provide tax advantages to you and others are additional ways for you to put money away
  3. Invest for the long term, recognizing that your investments will fluctuate up and down in the short term but over the long term should provide a healthy return
  4. Avoid getting in to debt ... you will eventually have to pay it back and int he mean time you'll be paying interest. The money you have to pay back and the interest payments you need to make could have been additional savings for future
  5. When you've accumulated enough savings to to not work you then have the option to retire (not work) or semi retire (take a lower stress role or a part-time role). Bear in mind not working means you'll have more time on your hand and that means more time to spend money so make sure you really have enough money saved before making the decision to retire.