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How many hours a week do orthopedic surgeons work?

a high school student considering following the path of becoming an orthopedic surgeon. #surgery #doctor #medicine #orthopedic #surgery #premed

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2 answers

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Umar’s Answer

Hello Danna,

It has been estimated that orthopedic surgeons work an average of 60+ hours per week. This is equivalent to about 12 hours per day on the weekdays if they want the weekend to themselves. And if you add the weekends then it may even turn into a regular 8-hour workday. But, realistically, no one wants to work 7 days a week. The truth is that it varies based on a number of factors such as the surgeon's preference, the hospital location (rural vs urban), the age (older surgeons tend to work a bit less), a private business vs a public business (working for himself, the hospital or both). Since a lot of orthopedic cases involve injuries these can also affect the timings they work. At the beginning of the career, it might be longer hours and then it might reduce or increase towards the peak. Regardless, this is a bit similar to most surgeons and their surgeries in general. Either way, in life, if you love the job you do then time is not usually an issue.

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Rachel’s Answer

The hours that orthopedic surgeons work are highly variable. During training, they work 80 hours a week as residents. After graduation, they have the ability to make their own schedule and determine how many hours a week they want to work.