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What are the best and worst things about being a physical therapist?

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2 answers

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Kevin’s Answer

The best part: making a difference in a persons life. You will use evidenced- based interventions that work. You will know an extraordinary amount of information on the human body and be able to apply it to a condition and DX. With this arsenal, you can change a person's life.

The worst part: your vision of patient care and ideal intervention will be dictated, in part, by regulation, insurers, case management, and utilization reviewers. Because of this, many hours of your employment are spent documenting to justify your intervention and plan of care. This sounds fair, yet the requirements are, at times, unreasonable and a product of unethical actors that have previously acted in bad faith. This may include: seeking more reinbursement by overutilizing therapy services(providing more than needed) or underutilizing therapy services(providing enough to get paid, without actually helping the patient). Now countless dollars are spent on documentation and on several other entities required to audit the documentation.
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Dennis’s Answer

Here is a great web site that prioritizes your answers with pros/cons