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as a Nurse Anesthetists what is the hardest thing youve done?

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Thank you comment icon Hello, I'm interested in becoming a Nurse Practitioner-Anaesthetists. Please feel free to educate me on what I need to do. I'm currently not a nurse at all, but seeking what I need to do to get started. Shelene Dunn

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3 answers

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Suzanne’s Answer

Hi Jared,

I am afraid all of my actively practicing nursing colleagues are busy. Covid19 has changed our lives. I am retired and will attempt to answer your question.

I am an oncology nurse specialist and ran phase I/II/III clinical trials that made important changes in the way that cancer is treated. I also gave direct patient care for over 30 years.

So let's look at your question: what is the hardest thing a nurse Anesthetists, has done?

First, here are detailed descriptions of the job and the educational requirements:

Here is a nice description of what it is like to be a student nurse Anesthetists:

Here is information on what happens if the nurse doesn't do the job correctly:

Here are some excellent clinical practice resources:

Now, as an RN, I can tell you that the best day of practice is when everything goes right: right patient, right medication, right dose, right time, right route.

The worst day is when one of those rights are not done correctly and the patient is either harmed or dies.

I had surgery when I was young and a nurse delivered my anesthesia. I woke up while still intubated. Guess who was to blame? You got it. They put me back under and completed the operation. Then, I woke up as they were pulling the tube out of my trachea. It was really painful and scary. Who was to blame? You now know.

I hope this information is a bit helpful!

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Christina’s Answer

The AANA ( American Association Of Nurse Anesthetists) has a website with information on training/education for a career as a nurse anesthestist or CRNA.
To become a CRNA you first must finish a BSN or Bachelors in Nursing degree. After that one year of ICU( Intensive Care) experience is required. Usually as an new graduate nurse you will work the Med/Surg floor for a bit to get experience before you can move on to ICU.
You may want to check to see if your high school offers a vocational class for nurse aides. Mind you its basic nursing and can be hard work. However it will allow you to get patient experience and perhaps network with other professionals as well as look good on your college app . Getting into nursing school can be very competetive so keep your grades up and take science and math classes.

Hope this helps. :)
Best Regards and good luck!
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Estelle’s Answer

One of my best friends is an anesthesiologist, and her most difficult stories deal with running codes on dying patients.