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What programs and training should I use for video editing?

I've been trying to get into making videos for the internet, especially for creating content for YouTube. I was wondering what would be the best programs for doing so, and how extensive the training will need to be to master the programs. #film #technology #video #computer-science

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3 answers

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Annielyn’s Answer

I'd go with
-Adobe Premiere (subscription-based)
-Davinci Resolve (has a free option)

There are many more tools out there, but I think focusing on one to get familiar with editing and eventually expand to different editing software.
After choosing one to start on, then try to get many repetitions on that software. After some time, then you'll get used to it. What distinguishes editors are beyond the tool, like their speed, timing on when to cut, clips they choose, how they tell their story through the cuts, and etc.

Annielyn recommends the following next steps:

I suggest reading "In the blink of an eye" by Walter Murch
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Josh’s Answer

This question depends a lot on many factors:

  • What kind of videos you're trying to make -- (screen captures, or working with real footage? Will you want motion graphics, special effects, or green screen work?)
  • What platform you're on (Mac, PC, iOS, Android)
  • What else you want to use the video editing skills for (e.g. would you want to get a job as an editor?)
  • What your budget is

If you're on a Mac/iPhone/iPad, for example, you can get iMovie for free and produce very professional results. For other platforms, there are some free options, but the free choices tend to be more limited or have a steeper learning curve (like Da Vinci Resolve, Blender, Shotcut, Lightworks). The reigning champ on Windows is probably Adobe Premiere, but it's not cheap.

As far as how to learn, there are 2 core skills:

  • Artistic: How to become a good editor, knowing where and how to make cuts so the result looks and feels professional
  • Technical: How to use the tool to get those results

For both things, YouTube itself is a great resource, but for tutorials in the app you're trying to use, as well as people talking about the artistic skills of editing. There are also sites like Udemy which offer paid courses teaching both specific tools (like Premiere) and the overall craft of editing. Some of them will even offer you the ability to upload your work and get feedback from the instructors.

Thank you comment icon Dittoing Josh’s comment here. If you’re considering making videos that’s majority motion graphics and animation, I’d consider Adobe FinalCut Pro or adobe AfterEffects. These are programs used by professional animators and motion graphic artists today. The learning curve may be steeper but if these are fields you’re considering these programs would be highly valuable. Mindy Tom
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Kassandra’s Answer

I personally prefer Screencast-o-matic. It's about $30 for 2 years and can do just about everything Camtasia ($249 one time for up to 2 machines) can. Here's a training I did on it:

I use this for a lot of my trainings when I decide to edit them. You can do so much with it!

Kassandra recommends the following next steps:

Click on the blog link and watch the training