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Wheres the best place for a certified welder to begin?

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2 answers

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Mathew’s Answer

Hey Adrian,

Going off what's shared on on the skills obtained from being a certified welder, Information Technology (IT) being a very broad professionalism there are a large variety of roles/responsibilities you can get engaged with.

It looks to me in the event of being a certified welder, the requirements of an individual would need to have:

  • An eye for attention to detail.
  • High quality of work .
  • Risk assessment analysis skills.
  • Safety protocol and procedures to be learnt and followed.

These are some broad assumptions but going off this - we can narrow down potential roles, however it comes down to you as a person and the interest as well.

Some roles where your skills can be translated through (obviously with some further learning into IT in itself) could be:

  • Software Designer.
  • Software Engineer/developer.
  • Software tester and quality engineer.

Keeping in mind, these professions will typically require learning into software languages but any skills and experience gained in other industries can be translated as well.



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Raj’s Answer

We all need more blacksmiths - do what you do !!!