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what is the hardest part of being an auto mechanic

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2 answers

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Abbey’s Answer

My husband is a mechanic so I'll try to help you out on this one.

He says being dirty and working outside is tough, depending on the weather. He always has busted up knuckles & he takes "Friday showers" where he really deep cleans & clips his nails (oil just doesn't come off at some point.)

His favorite part but sometimes the hardest part is solving problems--usually car problems. When a car comes in with something wrong but you're not sure what causes it. It's hard because you have to try things and some of them don't work, but it's his favorite part because it helps him learn & he feels like he really accomplished something when he figures it out.

He also says it's hard but it's important to be honest with your customers but inspire trust. He says things like "Look, I am not sure what's really causing the issue, but you have my word that we will figure it out. I just ask that you're patient with us and we will keep you updated." (And then, of course, you also have to follow through with it.)

Abbey recommends the following next steps:

Interview a mechanic in your neighborhood

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Nagaraj’s Answer

For being mechanic,
one need to have the patience and have the passion to troubleshoot and fix the things as most of the time you need to fix the problems and support customers which is the challenging.
Apart from the above you need to learn/update new skills which is coming in the market to sustain and have values from the customers because always new things will come in market.

Finally build trust with customers.